Sea transport is popular for the intercontinental transportation of bulky goods, raw materials, goods or equipment. Currently, this type of transport is popular with economic benefits and the possibility of multimodal transport using other modes of transport.

Advantages of shipping:

  1. Low cost
  2. No significant restrictions on the parameters or type of cargo
  3. Cargo safety guarantee
  4. Convenience and profitability
  5. Large payload

Why us?

  1. Serving multimodal transportation from any country in the world and in any direction, including on the Caspian Sea
  2. Sea transportation of general, bulk, oversized and heavy cargoes, as well as sea transportation using any type of sea containers
  3. The use of various modern equipment
  4. Cargo control and dispatch support
  5. Acting as a charterer of sea vessels or a freight broker for organizing the transportation of bulk and general cargo by shiploads
  6. Direct contacts with ship owners and ship operators in Russia and abroad
  7. Development and conclusion of a charter (sea transportation agreement) for the transportation of your goods

ALPHALINE offers shipping services for various cargoes, including timber and lumber, metals, bulk and grain cargo, and many others. Loading and unloading operations in Turkmenistan can also be carried out in the new seaport of the city of Turkmenbashi. Preserving the reputation of reliable partners, the work is designed in such a way as to first of all follow the interests of the client, his benefit and maximum transparency throughout the entire process of cargo transportation.