Road transportation

Almost all commercial structures are faced with the need for trucking within the country or abroad. Road transport is in demand around the world; they are suitable for transporting small or bulky goods at different distances. At the same time, in comparison with railway and air transport, trucking is much cheaper.

Advantages of road transport:

  1. The choice of different vehicles for the respective tasks
  2. Development of the most optimal travel route
  3. Cargo safety guarantee
  4. Opportunity of continuous monitoring

Why us?

  1. The presence of a large fleet of involved vehicles
  2. Control of all stages of cargo transportation
  3. Ability to track car path
  4. Calculation of the cost of delivery of goods individually for each client
  5. Providing the best conditions for cargo insurance at the request of the client
  6. Many years of experience

ALPHALINE selects the most optimal vehicle and is especially careful about route planning. Understanding how important the safety and security of the cargo is, the company's specialists work individually with each client, check the reliability of partners, exclude acceptable risks and choose the most profitable options.