Rail transportation

Modern trade and economic relations cannot be imagined without freight transportation. Rail transport is optimally suited for stable ground transportation of oversized cargo. This is an ideal way to transport heavy equipment and goods at various distances.

Advantages of rail transportation:

  1. Transportation in any weather
  2. Affordable price
  3. Large payload
  4. Wide transport network
  5. Security against theft
  6. Efficiency of transportation over long distances
  7. Versatility in the choice of wagons
  8. Convenient loading and unloading

Why us?

  1. Carrying out railway transportation in the CIS, China and European countries
  2. The presence of all types of cars
  3. Control of all stages of transportation (loading, cargo protection, tracking of rolling stock, ensuring unloading at stations and timely return of an empty wagon)
  4. The ability to track the wagon
  5. Providing information on railway tariff rates
  6. Providing the best conditions for cargo insurance at the request of the client

ALPHALINE Company operates with rolling stock of Ukrainian, Russian and Kazakh owners in the territory of Turkmenistan. The established relations with partners in the CIS allows us to provide the most optimal rates for the transportation of goods and the use of cars "first-hand".